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 By Olga Nazario, Ph. D. Presented in the 14th IACC Conference in Bankok, Thailand.
The aim of this paper is to provide a comparative overview of the policies and practical solutions used by OECD countries to prevent and resolve conflict of interest situations.
By Quentin Reed (2008) This paper describes the problem of conflict of interest of public officials and the main ways in which it may be tackled, with particular focus on regulation of elected officials. The paper describes three main types of regulation - prohibitions on activities, declarations of interests, and exclusion from decision-making processes - and how these may be best implemented in practice. The author underlines the need for regulation to be realistic, tailored specifically for different categories of officials and to the specific circumstances of the country in which they are to be applied. The author also suggests possibilities for the engagement of the donor community, in line with the implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption.
 By Aleksander Dardeli Presented in the 14th IACC Conference in Bankok, Thailand.
Putting an Accountability and Oversight System into Practice in Development Activities: Challenges and Opportunities By Gerardo Berthin Presented in the 14th IACC Conference in Bankok, Thailand.
 By Rosa Inés Ospina-Robledo Presented in the 14th IACC Conference in Bankok, Thailand.
One year ago CSIS convened the Executive Council on Development—a bipartisan group of leaders from government, business, nongovernmental organizations, and philanthropy—to explore how the U.S. government and private sector can work together to support the economic success of developing countries. In their final report, Our Shared Opportunity: A Vision for Global Prosperity, the Council provides a targeted set of recommendations for the U.S. government and private sector, calling for a greater reliance on business, trade, and investment tools to achieve better development outcomes.